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Here you can write a letter to our President Vladimir Putin

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Imagine the situation:

You walk yourself quietly through the park. An old friend is approaching you. You whisper to yourself: once again, this one has come . He is like, and says that you obviously do not have enough friable .

You are surprised at his words, and go further already.

After walking 300 meters, another passer-by comes to you with a pile of trash, shows the mountain to you, and asks — «Where are these items stored?»

You are responding — in .

Notice that next to you is a beautiful , and in ten meters animals — . You are obviously afraid that you are now .

With fear, you fled to the toilet. It turns out that there are a lot of .

You hit, break the wall, and run to .

There you are told that you need to urgently , but there is very little here:

Go there. To you someone puts the bandwagon. You sayed him — .

Write a letter

Dear Mr. President!

Writes to you from the city . I would like to tell you about the problems in our places.

The main problem with us — the streets are full of . It lies everywhere — on the road, on the roofs of houses, and even in the . Local authorities are not in a hurry to clean up all this — because of what behind the windows is a stunning .

Another problem — in the city operate . On the street at night, it’s best not to go out — .

The city has a terrible deficit — not delivered, and that’s all, as a result, in the office you’re difficult work, and children have nothing to mold papier-mache.

In the rest — we have a very beautiful city. In the main square is a large monument . To it constantly go tourists — to .

There are many , in the city, people are always walking around there.

Come to our wonderful city, with respect, .